Romantic spots
In the old Japanese mythology,one can find famous tales about love and devotion.
The tale of Kisarazu is one such story.
It tells of the love of Princess Ototachibana who sacrificed her life to save her husband Yamato Takeru.
A similar love story is also reflected in the kabuki play Yowanasake Ukinano Yokogushi.
Kisarazu has become widely known as a sacred place for people in love.
Don't you want to experience this place yourself?

Odayama Mountain Park
In the age of the gods,there was a Princess named Ototachibana who tossed her body into the waves to save her husband who was then fighting in the Conquest of the East.
She was standing on this mountain looking over the sea.
This sad story of devoted love is immortalized in this place which is also known as the "forest of love".
Cultural facilities and wide open spaces are found making it a favorite place for relaxation.
During Spring, the mountain is dyed in pink with the cherry tree (sakura)blossoms.
It is the number one place for sakura viewing in Kisarazu.

Kimisarazu Tower
With a height of 28 meters, this tower is located at the summit of Odayama Park in the middle of the "forest of love".
At the top of these two sword-like towers are the statues of Yamatokateru and Princess Ototachibana reaching out to each other's hand.
From the observatory, one can see a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay and the City of Kisarazu.

Nakanoshima Ohashi
This is the city symbol which serves as a welcome gate for any ship coming in to the City.
At 25 meters in height and 236 meters in length, it holds the record of being the highest pedestrian bridge in Japan.
From this bridge, one can see across the opposite shores,Tokyo,Yokohama and Mount Fuji.

Kisarazu Jinku Monument
In the 1860s during the Ansei period, it was fashionable in the Edo Rakugo community to sing the Kisarazu folk song on stage.
Now, this folk song is symbolized in two bronze statues representing Wakafuku who helped spread this lively song and the women of today who sing this song.

The Pine of Misome
Popularized as a meeting place for lovers, this is where the story of the kabuki play Yowanasake Ukinano Yokogushi is based.
It is said that the hero and heroine of the play, Yosaburo and Otomi, met here.

Umihotaru Parking Area
It is just like a luxury liner calmly floating in the middle of the sea.
The changing scenes are very charming.
The multi-purpose service areas, restaurants, various shops, etc. make this a popular site for many tourists. The Aqua-Line marathon will also be held in October, 2012.

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