The Growth of Industry
Representing Japan's steel industry is the Nippon Steel Corporation. New businesses have established themselves in the area due to the presence of the company in the neighboring city of Kimitsu. Related research institutions have also grown in number.  We can hold in esteem the Kazusa DNA Research Institute, a core facility of the biotechnology industry in Japan. The institute is a growing sector for development in the Kazusa Academia Park vicinity. For this reason Kisarazu City and our surrounding districts welcome a great number of tech-related visitors from abroad.
Nippon Steel Corporation – Kimitsu Steel Works
The Kimitsu Steel Works serves the Kanto area which holds the nation’s largest domestic demand for steel. Domestically, the Kimitsu Works is considered top class and is proud of the quality, equipment, and the quantity of production.。

Kazusa Academia Park and Kazusa DNA research Institute
Kazusa Academia Park boasts an internationally recognized research and development centre against the backdrop of the lush green Kazusa hills. Alongside these high-tech institutions, including a DNA research institute, the Kazusa arc also serves to promote international cultural activities. The area is designed for international exchange and so attracts International conferences, seminars, and symposiums.

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