Nature and Food
Boso Peninsula is surrounded on three sides by sea. It is a natural treasure trove of rich forested hills preserved not far from the metropolis of Tokyo. Experience the blessing of the outdoors. Enjoy a wide range of leisure activities while appreciating the gift of nature. Discover the local cuisine of the Boso Peninsula in the captivating city of Kisarazu. How about exploring Boso food and culture while based at one of the many resorts located on the peninsula?

Short-Necked Clam
The seashore alongside Nakanoshima Bridge from Ushigome is the largest natural seashore in Tokyo Bay. Here, the tidal flat extends several hundred meters out at low tide.
Short-necked clams which can be taken from these vast natural tidal flats are superb. Take time to get creative and elaborate with your plan on how to cook your short-necked clams.

Seashell Digging
From the middle of March to July is the long awaited seashell digging season. Many short-necked clams can be collected while out digging on the 6 seashores in the city. You will certainly become absorbed by the feel of the sand and the scent of the tide in your lungs down into your soul.

Blueberry Picking
Kisarazu is very proud of its blueberry cultivation, No 1 in Chiba prefecture. Seedlings are grown "pesticide-free with organic fertilizer" and protected as they mature. From mid-June to mid-July enjoy picking blueberries at any number of farms.

"Umakuta-no-michi" is a 12km hiking course from JR Makuta station to Shiroyama which includes the Mari Valley Castle ruins. There are also many other highlights along the way, such as spring water, historic relics and a temple. In Spring you will find broken fern. In Autumn you will feel the season changing with the Japanese clover, pampas grass and Autumn Leaves etc. about you.

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